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The Will (Magdalene, #1)The Will by Kristen Ashley

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I had high hopes, the highest. Not only is a KA story with the promise of super hot bad asses, sassy women, lots of highly entertaining drama and a whole crew of amazing side characters. I liked the idea for the story and have been super excited along with the gushing reviews from my fellow chums on GR's, safe to say my hope were high but oh how they were dashed.

The first part of this book i read with a constant cheesy grin on my face, so in public yes i did look like a top creeper but when i got to around 45% I basically went from...


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To.. This

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By the time i got to about 75% i just wanted to be done with it, so i started skimming as i didn't want to have to quit. I am a really big fan of Kristen Ashley's work. Her Colorado Mountain series is like wayy up the top of my favorite list, so it pains me that i didn't enjoy this book like i really wanted to, because i did and i tried but alas it failed.

Honestly i just really didn't like Josie, she drove me mad not only with her lingo, i mean i'm all for people talking posh but she sounded like she'd walked out of another century! What ever floats your boat, the way she spoke was not the issue. I just found her to be rather snotty and a bit patronizing and the way that she could just sort everyone's problems out and every one loved her soo much. Blah it bored me, i was over it. And where was the usual angst and drama KA is famous for? They had a spat that lasted about two pages and that was it? The stuff with her Uncle and Boston Stone looked to be picking the plot up to a faster pace but then that crashed and burned so basically we were just left with how perfect Josie is.

I hate to do shitty reviews for authors i love but alas The Will was just seriously lacking KA's usual spark. But it hasn't put me off i really enjoy her writing style and her men, so fingers crossed i enjoy the next one better.

'Til then pip pip and tally ho chums.

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