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Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror, #3)Dead Sky Morning by Karina Halle

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Dex scooped his arm around me. "Hold on to me, baby. We'll make it."

This book was just flat out pure fuckin' awesome!

Dex and Perry return with another episode for their show Experiment in Terror, visiting the old leper colony on D'Arcy Island. But the fear and threat of the paranormal aren't all our favorite duo have worry and contend with as the island puts partner against partner, friend against friend making you wonder if they can ever come back from this?

There were coffins everywhere we looked. At least eight, maybe ten coffins riding the waves, coming in towards us like the Grim Reaper's surfboards.

To me this book was pure terror. I was scared out of my wits. I don't have much time to read during the day so most of my reading is done in bed. So it was lights on, TV on and jumping at the slightest sounds. My heart was pounding in my chest, my ears were straining to hear the littlest noises, sweaty palms and my over active imagination driving me to the edge of terror. Between zombies, possessed animals, ghosts and the shit that was going down between Dex and Perry i was constantly on the edge, refusing to put down the book until the matchsticks holding up my eyes were snapped and i was on the verge of sleep.

This is my favorite book of the series and my favorite location. It was pure perfection it had me hooked from the scares and the history of the island that kept me intrigued and wanting to know why, how and what shit went down on there all them years ago.

This book gives you more insight to the lives of Dex and Perry but of course it brings new questions with the information that's revealed. What went on in Dex's past? What's the deal with him and Jenn? And what the hell is going on with Perry!?

It's a hilarious, terrifying, sexy, shit hot read then i recommend is to be read in the hours of the night so you can appreciate how scary and the fear this book brings.

I love Karina's writing style and this series is pure fuckin' genius. Some issues in this book hit seriously close to home, like the whole situation was a lot of oh shittin fucking hell fire, but I loved it. I love the way Karina writes Perry as a real girl with real life situations and struggles it helps me to love the book oh so much more and find a connection to Perry (yes I know she's fictional ha.) but maybe because my situation was so similar as it is for many other people is what makes me find this series to be my new number fucking one.

"No. It's always been like this. I know it has been. I feel like i can't tell what's a dream. What's real. I'm going crazy. I have to be. What if all the world is inside of my head?"

"It's not, Perry. It's not." He held me tighter.

"What if i really am alone?"

"Baby, you aren't alone. I'm here."

"i'm so scared. I don't want to see these things anymore. It makes me want to tear my brain out. I don't know what's real. How can i tell what's real anymore? What's real Dex? Tell me what's real."

He put his hand on my face and looked at me with the most magnetic, impassioned spark in his dark eyes. "I'm real. This is real."

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