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Foretold (The Demon Trappers, #4)Foretold by Jana Oliver

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I feel like my stomachs dropped and have a serious case of the end-of-series-blues. God i can;t believe it's over!!

I remember when i bought the first book forsaken. I was in WH Smiths i'd already chosen a bunch of books to buy when forsaken caught my eye. I flipped it open and read the blurb then the first past and thought i gotta have this! I seriously remember standing in the shop already gettin' a few side ways glances cos i'd been in there like a hour and after reading the first freakin' page i had a grin like i'd just walked outta a bloody looney tunes show! I fell fast and hard for this series and it's one i'll re-read till the pages drop out with the words committed to memory.

Okay so i read this book in one sitting. I sat my ass on the couch and got stuck in only moving for a toilet break and snacks. (There were some serious chocolate needed moments to help me get through.)

To me Jana Oliver founded something truly and incredibly amazing with this series, i freakin' love it! Utterly original it's astounding to how unbelievably breath-taking this story actually is. I've loved every single second of this series. Definitely in my top ten.

For those of you who don't know what this series is about, (shame on you!!) i'll give you a quick run-down.

Through this series we follow Riley Anora Blackthorn through her journey into becoming a Demon Trapper... It's a long hard road being the only female trapper in a mans world and being the daughter of one of the best, most highly respected and loved trappers, Paul Blackthorn.
So we join Riley with a cast of unforgettable characters into a world of loss, betrayal, deceit, lust, love, hope, misery, friendship and a whole shit load of danger. And what sort of a story would this be without Demons, Angels, stalker ex-boyfriends, Vatican demon hunters, Good old Lucifer and that little issue of Armageddon, not to forget some smokin' hot guys, a Hick and Angel and a Saint.

Love triangle??.. Nahhh not for this series! To do one better Oliver gives Riley not two but THREE hawwwttt love interests. I didn't care for Simon at all in the first three books but in the final part i came to like him, all aggressive and bad tempered. Now Beck and Ori had me at hello. There as opposite as night and day and are absolutely totally and completely swoon-worthy, drool-worthy, lovable, not to mention seriously fuckin' hot!

I'm not going to go into the details of the plot cause it's best if you just go in knowing jack shit and enjoy the ride without knowing all the twists and turns and surprises hidden 'round the corner. All ill say is everything worked out as it should... well apart from one thing which had me clutching a tissue stuffing my face with as much chocolate i could fit in my mouth at once and tears streaming down my face. (NOT a pretty sight but unavoidable.)

The Demon Trappers series is truly brilliant. I cant stress enough how much i fuckin' love it! I don't think it gets as much praise as it show.
All of you should worship this series!!
It's enjoyable, thrilling, dangerously sexy, breathtaking, original journey that will leave you clutching your book trying to fight your way through the shock as your race yourself through the page as the unexpected twists hit you hard and fast and as shocking as a slap in the face with a wet fish. They'll leave you stunned. (These twists really should come with a warning of: Caution may cause whip-lash.)

Even though it's a YA series it doesn't feel like it. like at all! Riley's extremely mature for her age, even if she is a little naive and she's soo lovable you cant help but ride on her emotions with her, feeling everything she goes through, experiencing it all right along with her.

I'm SO freakin' happy that even single end was tied up and we found out the whole of Becks story and got the chance to fully understand him and it made me fall for him even more.

As for the Angel and Backwoods Boy i have no idea how she chose! But there never really was a choice was there? It was always him. The give me a serious case of butterflies, totally deserved their HEA. through all the shit they've both been through. Bet your thinking who the hell is she on about!? Well.. read it and you'll find out wont you!

After i devoured the first book i progressed to buying every single one of the three books on their release dates and continued to devour them. It's just how much i love them and how much i'm devoted to this series. I had the dates burned into my brain for Christ's sake.

I am seriously devastated that the end has come. Even if it was a beautifully perfect ending.

Yeah so just do your self a favor on read it will ya!?

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