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A Shade of Vampire (A Shade of Vampire, #1)A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest

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"If i ever allowed myself to fall in love with Derek Novak, I was certain that i would forever be a captive of The Shade."

A Shade of Vampire is the first novel in Bella Forest's Shade of Vampire series. Though it is short and does have one of my worst fears in a book... the dreaded insta-love and hints of an upcoming love triangle. I enjoyed this book very much. As i said it is short but that doesn't mean it is lacking in any aspect, there is plenty of action within these pages.

Sofia was kidnapped on her seventeenth birthday and taken to an island where it is constantly night and ruled by Vampires. The Shade is home to a coven of Vampires who abduct and enslave humans and Sofia is no different. Though these creatures are otherworldly and incredibly beautiful they are also cruel in almost a savage way. Sofia witnesses some of this cruelty herself so when told she is to be of services to the Prince Derek Novac she cannot imagine what horrors await her.

Derek has slept for the past 400 years under a spell of a witch who's spells protect the Shade and keeps the island in eternal night. So when he is first introduced to his harmen not long after his awakening although bloodthirsty he resists draining Sofia of all her blood.

Cue insta-love

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Sofia comes to realize that having the Prince as a master may not be the worst fate within the Shade and comes to realize it's within her best interest to stay on his good side. However Sofia is being stalked, caught between the desire and possessiveness of two siblings she does her best to survive within the shade while fearing her stalker she comes to realize shes fallen in love with her captor.

There was a smile on my face as i walked out of her room. With Sofia, it felt like i'd finally found my compass. I knew that as long as i had her, i had someone to keep me grounded, someone to direct my way. If only for Sofia, I had a reason to stay awake.

As i said i am not a fan of insta love and it can put me off a story but A Shade of Vampire was a treat of a debut. I liked both Derek and Sofia and really enjoyed the plot and the world building held my interest. Brilliant start to the series and i'm very excited to see where it will lead.

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