Thursday, 15 May 2014

Connected by the Sea (Hawaiian Crush, #1)Connected by the Sea by E.L. Todd

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*An ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*
**contains minor spoilers**

When i was offered this book for reviewing i was super excited, Iv'e got a real love for college romances with a smokin' hot tattooed bad boy! So i mean really there was no way i could possibly refuse the chance!

Attending a college in Hawaii, Sydney is a girl who has had a dark past and has many trust issues from her past relationship. She's a good girl, a straight A student who loves the ocean and creatures who live there, so it shouldn't have come as a shock when her professor offers her the job of a tutoring a fellow student who is failing. Enter Coen, the uber hot bad boy, though Syd has had her eye on Coen for a while now she cant get over the fact he's probably just like her ex. Coen sets out to prove to Syd that he's not like the rest and as the two get closer it becomes clear Coen isn't the pig Syd suspected, as his true colours begin to show and his inner sweetheart appears. A bump in the road comes in the form of Syd's best friend Henry, blind and utterly naive Syd doesn't recognize Henry's feeling for her until it's too late and she's already falling for Coen the fear of loosing her friend makes her keep her new relationship a secret but Coen doesn't approve, what should Syd do? Loose her best friend when he discovers the truth or loose her love as he grows sick of the lies and secrets.

Syd may seem like your typical good girl but she's not quite as innocent as she seems. Yes she's got the good behaviour, straight As, does her homework on time and works her part time job whilst attending College. But she's got a secret, escaping from a broken home Syd uses college as her escape from the home and family she hates. Not only that she's had her heart broken by her cheating ex and finds it hard to trust guys and cant seem to get herself back into the game, that's until she's asked to tutor college bad boy Coen and their connection is HOT! I liked Syd, though she frustrated me with some of her decisions i liked her strength and independence.

Coen, well i think it's now safe to say tattoos, piercings, attitude and just being an smokin' hot bad boy is a sure ticket into any girls pants... uhh heart i mean heart. He's suuuper crazily hot, and he's a freakin' sweetheart.Not to point out the obvious when i say i liked him i mean i really liked Coen. Iv'e got a crazy weak spot for a bad boy with some 'tuude.

I think this was a really good start to the series, and has most definitely got my curiosity piqued and to where to story's leading. Cant wait to get my paws on the sequel and get more from this story and more Coen which is an absolute bonus! I'd recommend this to lovers of NA who enjoy a good college romance with love, lies, angst and some steaminess. I mean some parts were seriously pretty freakin' hot!!

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