Walnut Wolf Features. 

As well as reviewing books i will also be doing a variety of different posts throughout the week, these include... 

Page to Screen - I'm a lover of film as well as books so on these posts i will do a review of a film or TV program that was inspired by a book and write a review comparing the two and giving my personal opinion. 

Waiting on Wednesday- These posts are for the books that haven't yet been released that i'm looking forward to the most. 

Book Hauls- I also do these on my Instagram, posts of the books iv'e recently bought.

Weekly reads- Books that iv'e read this week and a brief summary and comparison. 

Best of the month- All the books iv'e read that month and which one i though was the best. 

Recommendations- If i really enjoy a book i may do a post about it otherwise check out my recommendations page! 

Note- None of these posts will be posted on a set schedule they will vary week to week.

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