Thursday, 15 May 2014

Darkness Becomes Her (Gods & Monsters, #1)Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton

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Holy hell! This book was amazing nothing like what i expected but far more than i'd hoped for. It's a fast paced thrilling ride without a dull moment. There's so much mystery and your just dying for all the answers. With the action starting at the beginning of the book and not being a slow paced start like most books i knew how promising it would be.

The main character Ari was instantly likable, she was everything you want the heroine to be, tough, brave, independent, kind, a complete freakin' badass. I enjoyed so much reading about Ari she wasn't whining baby or dependent on anyone but her self, the moments in the book where she started breaking down was perfect giving her the balance that not all writers give their main characters they either go too bad ass or crying baby but Keaton i have to say Ari is by far my favorite heroine from all books iv'e read.

I don't want to give anything away or start with the spoilers cos once i start i wont stop! haha. All i will say is that i have never read a story like this, it's totally unique. With everything from the Greek gods of Olympus to vampires to your local friendly voodoo priest! The concept of New Orleans becoming New 2 was just as amazing as the characters.

Oh and how can i forget Sebastian, mmm hello handsome! ;) I loved him i really did he was so different to what we usually see as the love interest in YA books, he doesn't start declaring his love or shutting Ari out after their first kiss which to be honest i was holding my breath for as is the usual scenario with YA books.

"He pulled me closer, tighter, deepening the kiss, as though starving, yet taking time to savor every second. I knew how to kiss, knew the mechanics involved, but this was the first time i'd ever lost myself, ever wanted it more than breathing, and wanted to keep doing it until time stood still and the earth faded away.
I was alive. Not just existing, but truly alive."

Lets wrap this up then shall we? I was instantly captivated in Ari and the story surrounding her, i couldn't put the book down and when i wasn't reading this book i was thinking about it and what would happen next, lets put it this way i finished Darkness becomes her and instantly bought A beautiful evil and intend to start it now!

Id recommend this book to everyone who enjoys YA and the paranormal, its breathtaking and unique and will have you hooked from the start.

"I want vengeance. That one single word reverberated through the room as though it held power.

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