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Homecoming (Cloaked Devices #0.5)Homecoming by Cecilia Robert

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ARC was kindly provided by the author for a honest review.

You had me at shifters and steampunk.

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Home coming is a novella introducing Cecilia Robert's new series Cloaked Devices. It is a thrilling and sexy start to a new series of shape shifters combined with steam punk. Which if you ask me is a brilliant combination.

In Homecoming we meet Levian and Sera, they are true mates. After Sera leaves Levian on the day of the mating ceremony for reasons unknown to everyone but Sera, Levian is left in distraught at the loss of his mate. Flash forward five years and our handsome shifter has finally got a lead on his mate, but the woman he finds is not the 'chicken hugging girl' he remembers. Otherwise know to the citizens of Vanezia, a city formed for the shifter outcasts of the seven kingdoms as The Storm Sera is a strong woman capable of bringing shifters twice her size to their knees. But that's the first shock as many as Sera is a contender in the rings, underground fights between shifters for money. Safe to say Sera is a bad ass!

We find out the reason for Sera's surprise departure from her mate and family and honestly, it wasn't what i was expecting. I only figured it out a page or so before we found out the reason. Whats the reason? Why did she leave? you may ask well you will have to read the book for you will find no spoilers here! ;)

Homecoming is a brilliant introduction to the world Cecilia Robert's has created, though the Cloaked Devices are not explained in this novella and are not the main focus of this story i am very interested to see where this story will lead us and to see more of the world that has been created. From the mutated humans, to the shifters and the Cloaked Devies, the plot for the series is not really explained within this novella and i think is more a introduction to the fascinating world and the necessary character intros that have been created here.

I struggled on what to rate this novella and settled on a 3.75 stars, as i was left with a lot of questions and didn't fully understand where the story was leading us. But this was a brilliant introduction and i will be very interested to see where this series goes, this was my first reading of Robert's work but it will not be my last. I intend to stick with this series and recommend to all who love shifters, steampunk, badass females and sexy as hell alpha males.

"Above all Lev, I am sorry for breaking your heart. Soul mates aren't supposed to break their partners heart. The should be the ones holding it, guarding it against the world. They should do the opposite of what i did."

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