Monday, 12 May 2014

Passion (Fallen, #3)Passion by Lauren Kate

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I loved Fallen.

Then there was Torment and it started to get a bit.. cheesy? lame? i don't know i just didn't like it as much as Fallen but i still enjoyed it, i enjoyed the whole series i just think that Kate could have done a lot more with what she had. She could have made this series into something truly amazing but instead she just settled for good.

Anyway Passion, it's all about Daniel and Luce's pasts. Yes i understand that she needed to find out about her past but did it really have to drag through the whole book? What about Sophia and the outcasts at the beginning? what ever happened to them? i know Lucifer took over and tricked Luce by becoming Bill but that beginning part just seems a bit pointless since it's not mentioned again through the whole book. Where were the other angels in this book? Their in it like what 3/4 times? I did like the alternate chapters between Dan and Luce. It's not often that i like the main guy in the book i normally go for the other one, the badder one like Damon rather than Stephan, But i love Cam and Daniel just the same which is really unusual for me. I do not like Miles though.

Ill admit i am looking forward to rapture a lot because i'm hoping it will fill in all of these big fat blanks that are left through out the books. There just seems to be so many!

I'd recommend Fallen to anyone in a heartbeat but the other two i just don't know what happened.

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