The girl behind the wolf. 

I really hate writing these there so awkward and i always sound like I'm trying to write for some lame dating site.. Anyway here goes..  

The names Jodie, I'm twenty two and live in the UK, i like long walks on the beach and i always work hard but play harder. Kidding, kidding! Ahem yeah.. So i do love to read (obviously) but i also love to write, so it really just seems like the right thing to do, write about the books i love to read! I'm really indecisive when choosing what to read next, honestly i'm shocking! It really is a stressful process!

In relations as to what i like to read i dabble in alot of different genres,from  NA and contemporary romance to fantasy and PNR, YA is possibly my favorite but honestly it just depends on what mood I'm in. I do really like love my books to have some form of romance (what can I say I'm a girl!) and I'm not the biggest fan of love triangle though there are a few i love. 

I also love everything to do with  Harry Potter (Potterhead and proud!!) and all things Disney. (No i have not grown up yet nor do i have any intentions of doing so! Wheres the fun in that?) If I'm not reading or being socially active I'm more than likely either writing for fun or watching TV or a movie, yes i am a TV junkie and proud! I love films that have been created through books, from the Harry Potters, LOTR, Divergent, TMI to things like The Railway Man. I also have more than a few shows that i watch religiously, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Reign, Pretty Little Liars and Game of Thrones. Just to name a few haha. 

I also love history from the Plague to the Egyptians and mythology, especially Greek. I go through phases like people go through socks and sometimes my personality can get a little obsessive. I work as a clerical assistant but would really love to work with books or in writing. My dream is for one day to become a published author and share my imagination with the world! 

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