Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


It's without a doubt THE BEST book ive read in a longgg time!!

If i could give it more than five stars i would.

It was a complete freakin' roller coaster, there was honestly not one dull moment throughout the whole book. Every character was instantly likable especially Travis ;)

Beautiful Disaster is one of the most amazing, incredible, stunningly beautiful, emotional books ever. I had serious difficulty putting this book down. It's such an emotional ride one minute i was laughing and smiling the next my stomachs in knots and i'm on the verge of tears. I had laughing fits and near anxiety attacks.

The characters in this book were all so well developed and easy to connect with, i loved them all except maybe Parker. Abby was stubborn, independent, loving, kind, a good friend and maybe i didn't agree with some of the things she did like the thanks giving screw up but i could connect with her and i loved her, i felt her joy and her pain all along through with her. Now Travis... i don't know what to say hes AMAZING!! Even though he is dis functional he's got a out of control volatile temper he's possessive AND jealous. He's the biggest baddest boy ever but through all his faults he's so lovely and sweet and kind and loves Abby so much and i am in freakin' love with him. haha!!

There are quite a few reviews that find this book disturbing due to the highly volatile and completely unhealthy relationship and everyone is entitled to their own opinion but i loved this book, iv'e just finished it and i want to start it all over again. I know i will re-read this book countless times and love it just the same the 50th time i pick it up to now after my first read. I defiantly recommend trying this book out, it may not be for you but give it a try and i hope you'll enjoy the book and Travis as much as i did!!

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