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Eternal Starling (Emblem of Eternity, #1)Eternal Starling by Angela Corbett

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.75 stars.

This book started off great! I was hooked.. then i was like -_- the hell is going on here? Basically the majority of this story was listening to Evie try decide who to choose between Alex and Emil. (I'll get to them two shortly) So yeah, we were constantly warned that Evie's in "danger" and needs to be protected... Evie was not put in one bit of danger till the "climax chapter" and the end and even then that was kinda meh. All we got was a smile and some eyes... terrifying right? Yes about as terrifying as butterflies and bunny slippers. Any-whoo, there was NO action, no real drama just teenage bitching and pining. Which got old real fast let me tell you.

So the characters. Lets start with Evangeline.

At the start i thought yeahh she's gonna be great not your typical girl. She has a Mustang! *swoooon!*
this opinion lasted about 25% in? I don't know it didn't last long anyway! All she seemed to do was sway between the guys and proclaim her "independence". I constantly felt like throwing my kindle at the wall I couldn't believe how selfish and idiotic she became! There were some SERIOUSLY awquard moments on her part. She acts like it's perfectly alright for her to be stringing along two guys. Mentioning only once that it "wasn't fair". I'm not a very big fan of love triangles, ill admit some i do love but sorry to say this wasn't one of them!

I knew it wouldn't be long before Emil would throw a punch, and it wouldn't take much longer than that for Alex to knock Emil down.

It seemed to me she had her mind made up all along, so why not just get it all over with and be with Alex, insted of strining Emil along, i found it kinda paulful and cringey at times.

Okay so Alex.. he's charming, protective, handsome sounds good right? He's also a control freak, doesn't really show his emotions, he's obsessive, pushy. (Dont get me wrong i love me some Alpha male, but he was not for me at all!) So these two guys are both in love with Evie claiming to be her soul mates.Each guy is hostile towards the other which is to be expected right? But Alex is like a child competing to be teachers pet. My jaw hit the floor when i read this...

Alex was quiet for a minute. I noticed a smile playing on his lips. "Regardless i don't think they liked Emil nearly as much as me."

I'm sorry, are you five you douchebag!?

So Alex is Evie's protector, he has this ring where he can watch Evie's every move spying on her life. Alex tells Evie whats going on giving her the 411 on the two battling societies and the deal on soul mates. Evie takes it all on the chin (good for her right!) But i'm sorry if anybody nevermind my ex who's constantly giving me mixed signals, wont give me a straight answer told me he had a magic ring where he could spy on me i'd be seriously pissed. (maybe thats just me being a private person? I don't know) But Evie didn't bat an eyelid!

Emil was the highlight of ths book for me, i really enjoyed his page time. I do so like a bad boy. Even as thoguh it was extremelly infuriating that Evie didn't really give the poor guy a chace, i have hope for the next book if i ever read it. Even when Evie was with him she was drooling over Alex or thinking about him, and i could be seen at work on my breaks about to put my head through the office window.

I like some action, something epic to happen in stories from fight scenes to an epic love , unfortunately this book had neither for me with nothing inbetween so it fell to Emil to hold this book up for me if it wasn't for him with the lack of danger and constant self involved obsessing on Evies part i may have thrown my Kindle to the dogs. I can't remember the last time i was so infuriated by a book.

The idea of the societies and soul mates was great! Just totally lacking through 90% of the story, it just felt like the whole book was building up to something completely epic happening, but the 'epic event' wasnt all that epic at all.

Not to be completely negative though I realllly enjoyed Angels's writing style. It was so easy and enjoyable, if it hadn't of been i may not have stuck through the story. I might stick with this series, just to see how it all pans out.

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