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Axel (Corps Security, #1)Axel by Harper Sloan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 Hot Alpha Stars.
MAY be spoilers ahead. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Axel, is a pretty intense book, from it's characters to it's story line their loud and cray cray.

Axel and Izzy were high school sweethearts and had a consuming and passionate love until Axel left to join the Marines and then everything basically went to shit. I don't mean that lightly either i mean our pair are headed straight for shits-ville. There's so much that goes down in this book you'll definitely be on your toes.

Yes it sound good doesn't it? Well it would have been if it weren't for the fact i found the writing to be pretty.. wooden at times and Isabel didn't annoy the living shit out of me. Christ's Bones she was annoying.
I think at least half of the story was Isabel avoiding everyone, everything head buried deep in that sandpit. I get it i get it
her parents died, she was in a abusive marriage, she had a miscarriage, she lost the love of her life, she's like the mayoress of shits-ville. But she just ran away from everyone all the damn time! I mean i'm pretty patient but she really was a test to it. The way she reacted when Greg told Axel where she was?
Not fuckin' cool.
I really liked Greg so that shit did not sit well with me. At all.

But on to the positives of Axel...

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Axel, Cage, Locke, Coop, Beck.
Each one is hotter than the next.. (Greg/Cage and Maddox/Locke are my favorites). Each book in the Corps Security series is based on one of these incredibly sexy alpha males. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into the stories of these sexy as sin guys!

The banter from the guys and well just basically everything about them made this book as good as it was for me, so yeah i will definitely be sticking to this series!

Recommend you give it a bash, but if she drives you insane as she did me, just remember the men, they'll help you through!

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