Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Immortal Rider  (Lords of Deliverance, #2; Demonica, #7)Immortal Rider by Larissa Ione

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars to the Horsewoman and her sexy soldier!

I really enjoyed this book, I read Ares and Cara's story what feels like forever ago and i'm kicking myself for not doing a reread to refresh my memories but hey ho i managed.

Immortal Rider is the story of Limos aka Famine and Arik. Pestilence is still causing chaos at every turn and trying to bring on the Apocalypse. The story kicks off after Arik kisses Limos and is literally dragged into Hell for kissing Satan's fiance and it all goes balls up from that moment on, nothing comes easy for the Horsewoman and soldier, the story is in warped in lies, Limos's lies, Arik's lies, Regan's, Harvester's- lie lie lie. As each lie unwraps mainly with the loving help of Pestilence- he's such a giver, the betrayals cut deep and people will die. The pressures on to keep Limos's seal from breaking and keeping Arik's soul safe, but it's not an easy ride for the pair and things are about to get more complicated for everyone. This book is filled with action and twist after twist, betrayals, secrets, lies, torture, an unwanted house guest, a wedding, some hot sex and a shit load of trouble are bound to keep you on your toes and flipping the pages.

Sounds good right? Well that's because it is! But why four stars you may ask? I really liked Limos and Arik but there just want enough of them in the story for me, it sometimes seemed as though they were pushed to the side- i get that every other POV was crucial to the plot but i just wish they'd have got a little more page time. So that lost the book half a star, the other half was the ending. When i finished i was all- eh!? Is that it? I wanted moore! It just felt a little bit rushed to me.

But besides the loss of that star this was a brilliant story, highly recommend it and i cant freaking wait to get my hands on Thanatos's story his parts through this book just had me wanting to know more and more about that sexy Horseman otherwise known as Death...

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