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Allegiant (Divergent, #3)Allegiant by Veronica Roth

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*** May Contain Spoilers ***

Over the past week i have read the Divergent series for the first time and it really was an unexpected pleasure. From the first page of Divergent i was consumed into the world and the life of Tris Prior. It's really put me through the wringer and a whole string of varying and powerful emotions from grief and heart break to joy. Honestly i didn't expect to get as much as i did from this series and only read it at this time because i wanted to have read the book before i saw the film, which was amazing by the way, so when i was plunged into a world full of action and secrets and amazing characters i was thrilled. Divergent is my favorite of the series and this has got to be one of my all new favorites to say it is fabulous just doesn't cover it.

Allegiant is my least favorite of the series, and i will admit i was rather disappointed. As a huge lover of Tris and Tobias to say this was their last story together i just don't think it did justice for their relationship and the characters i have grown to love.

But my main issue with Allegiant was the ending, i was incredibly disappointed, Roth took a risk not many YA authors would dare to take and many people applaud her for it and i cannot deny that it was ballsy and original. But for me as an individual reader and since Tris was one of the best female leads I've read in a long time i had to say i despised this ending. It wasn't just the fact of one of the best characters dying but i saw it coming a while off and i thought Tris deserved a better ending- not a fairy tale happy ending that would dull the trials of the series but one deserving and fit for her character.

I'm incredibly sad to see this series end but know that it will be one that i can enjoy time and time again, whenever i need a bit of bravey, brians, honesty, kindness or selflessness. Four and Tris are now and will always be a couple that remains one of the best and their story is one that will remain in my mind for a long time.

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