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On Demon Wings (Experiment in Terror, #5)On Demon Wings by Karina Halle

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For those of you who haven't read this weather in a wee while or at all i'll give ya'll a little run down on the fifth book in the marvelous Experiment in Terror series.
After the events in Seattle, Perry's left with a broken heart and is determined to start a new life for herself which doesn't include anything or anyone to do with the supernatural. But strange and terrible things are happening to Perry it seems someones out to get her, a vengeful spirit maybe or is it something a lot more sinister? She no longer feels like her self, loosing time, having angry out bursts, fires spontaneously starting around her, not to mention her dreams have turned into a whole other kinda cray cray. With Dex no longer in Perry's life she feels she has no one to confide in, until the surprise appearance of Maximus, can she trust him? Surely he'll believe her after what they went through in Red Fox, or does he have an ulterior motive for arriving in Portland? When things take a turn for the worse and Perry's appearing on the roof and the growling from under the bed starts her body is no longer hers to control will the evil that's taken over her body break her mind as well or worse take her life? With only Ada standing in her corner everyone's turning against Perry even those she should be able to trust her life with, turns out only two people can help Perry rid herself of the evil within her.

This book is crazily scary, it'll have you scared out of your wits, i know it did me. A innocent bang on the roof will have you terrified and bathtubs will have a whole new scare factor for you. I know i'll be sticking to the shower for a while...

This books has Perry dealing with ALOT it's crazy, after a terrible event that should have been worse enough to deal with theres a pure evil in her life now tormenting her, taking her over. But what can one do when evil has decided it wants your soul?

The one thing i love about this book is Perry and Ada's relationship, they get a lot closer and i love it, i have a younger sister who i am close to and it's an amazing friendship to have. So through all the damage and hurt the two sisters form their own side and stick by one another, Ada can see what Perry does and what did Perry's mum says about it running in the family? The girls are like chalk and cheese but they bond they develop is unbreakable and amazing.

This book has minimal Dex, but his presence is felt through out all the story i was constantly thinking.. what would Dex do!? We do get our dose of Dex though but in the mean time we have to deal with Maximus the original douchecanoe! He arrives in Portland to get Perrt to return to EIT, but is that his true motive? As he starts to woo Perry is it her he wants to get close to or is it her parents. With the craziness taking over Perry thought Max would be dependable but when he sides with her parents convincing them she need to take a trip to the nearest asylum turns out he's not at all what he seems. Why is he lurking around her house? Was this all to seek revenge for what happened between two friends many years ago?
I hate that man i really do, i have a feeling he's going to turn out not who he says he is and even though he tries no one can replace Dex! Can't wait to see how it works with him being in the show in the seventh books Come Alive

Karina Halle really is amazing, this series is one of a kind and has you scared out of your wits, if you haven't started this mind blowing series i suggest you grab yourself a copy of Darkhouse and get started stat!

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