Review Policy.

My Review Policy.

I love to read but i also love to write, so it only makes sense for me to write about the books i love to read. If your an author and would like me to review and promote your book here on Walnut Wolf Book Reviews, i would be more than happy to help. I am not paid to review the books i read, i do it solely for the enjoyment of it. The reviews are based completely on my own personal opinion of the book, how much i liked it and what feelings it provoked. It's rare i give a low rating but it does happen. 

I enjoy a variety of genres and what i'm in the mood for can change with a sudden thought. I mainly enjoy YA, NA, PNR, Romance, Dystopian, Contemporary,  Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and sometimes have i a dabble into Chick Lit, Horror and Sci-Fi. 

I will accept almost any kind of format, i do prefer physical copies but i will also accept ebooks (epubs, PDF and mobi.)

If i choose to review your book i will post in here on my blog and on Goodreads, if requested i will also post it to Amazon, both UK and US. 

Genres i will accept for review are- YA, NA, PNR, Dystopian, Romance of all kinds, Fantasy & Contemporary. I do like my books to have some form of romance in them but if they don't it isn't an issue.

If i agree to review your book i will try my very best to get a review up as soon as possible, but with my to be read list constantly growing it could take from 1-3 months. If your book has not yet been released i will try my hardest to get my review up before the release date, likewise if you have a date in mind you want the review to be released please let me know and i will do what i can. 

When emailing me your request for me to review your book please include the following information  so i can get a feel for whether or not i will like it. 
Title & Blurb
Cover Image (if available)
Page/ Word count
Does it contain romance?
How would you describe your book?

Unfortunately i cannot promise a good review of your book, my reviews are my own opinions and feelings. Please also understand even though i accept your book i may not be able to write i full review as i cannot get into the book or just simply didn't enjoy it. I will however write a few brief lines recommending it to a certain age group or to people who enjoy that particular genre.  

I in no way claim to be a literary genius or excel at writing reviews. However i do put alot of time and care into my reviews may they be short or long. I always try to find the positives in books and if i enjoy them i will recommend them. 

All of the books i review are either purchased by me, from the library or given to me by authors/ publishers.
I also use Netgalley and Edelweiss.

If you would like me to review your book or have any questions please contact me at

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