Tuesday, 1 July 2014


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This weeks topic is Top Ten Classics, but since i haven't read any classics, i changed it to the top ten classics i want to read.

Okay so i totally suck when it comes to reading classics and have only read the few i was made to read during High School. But that doesn't mean i don't want to read any, i do! There are a lot i want to read, so as of now i'm setting my self a challenge to read at least three classics this year! 

So here's my classics wishlist!

1. Wuthering Heights- I acutally already own this so there's no excuse as to why i haven't read it! 

2. A Tale Of Two Cities- I will admit, this desire comes from reading Cassandra Clare's Infernal Devices series..

3. Grimm's Complete Fairy Tale- It think it's pretty self explanitory why i want to read this. 

5. Pride & Prejudice- I need to meet Mr Darcy..

8.The Odyssey- I just love everything about the Greeks.

10. The Crucible - I know it's a play, but it's about the Salem Witch Trials which i just find so interesting! 

There are so many more that i want to read but these are just some of the few i want to read the most! 
Which are your favorite classics? Have you read any of these? Which classics do you recommend? 

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