Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke And The Bookish.
This weeks topic is Top Ten Other Stories, such as TV shows and movies!

I chose TV shows, i LOVE my TV shows and i'm as much a TV junkie as i am a book junkie!!

So here goes, in no particular order because i just can't choose i love them all so much!!
These are only ten of the shows i watch, i watch a lot more! (Like i said.. JUNKIE!)

1. Teen Wolf

I LOVE THIS SHOW! Like seriously everything about it, I just cannot get enough! Stiles in my most favorite character of all time and Derek is the sexiest! I could just rant and fangirl over this show for hours i love it that much!!!

teen wolf photo: Teen Wolf tumblr_m5c13uGSVz1qbz46qo1_r1_500.gif

teen wolf photo: Teen Wolf tumblr_m7agvxRw9C1rtvheio3_250.gif

2. Supernatural 

This show is phenomenal! I mean if you don't love the Winchesters there is something seriously wrong with you! I've loved this show for years and it never, ever gets old!!

supernatural photo: Supernatural 0018f74q.gif

3. The Vampire Diaries

I remember when this show first came on, my mum and sister were super excited but i wasn't even going to watch it. I just thought it was some twilight dupe, but i ended up watching it and from watching that very first episode has snowballed into a addiction...
katherine pierce photo: vampire diaries tumblr_l8lvera0CF1qd49gbo1_500.gif

4. The Originals.

Spin off series from The Vampire Diaries, following the Original family in New Orleans. It. Is. AWESOME! 
If your a fan of TVD and haven't watched this yet you HAVE to check it out! 

the originals photo: Angry Hybrid Color HybridFaceColor_zps2650c975.gif

5. Game Of Thrones

It's just epic.

game of thrones photo:  tumblr_loqhz01zHL1qg95ve.gif

6. Pretty Little Liars

This show is the definition of suspense.. it's always ten steps ahead of you and not once does it ever get old!

pretty little liars photo: Pretty Little Liars P4.gif

7. The 100

One word... BELLARKE!! ;)

The100 photo: The 100 Cast Poster 1891319_644071315640576_898331372_o.jpeg

8. Reign

Adelaide Kane is just amazing!!

9. Castle

I've only recently started watching Castle (currently just finishing up season 4!) Honestly i watch it for Kate Beckett, she is such an incredible character i just can't get enough of this show it's so much fun!! 
Plus Stans Katic may just be one of my most favorite actors ever, plus she's freakin gorgeous!!

castle photo:  tumblr_m9jkucjn711rsgl7w.gif

10. Criminal Minds

Need i say more....
criminal minds photo:  reidwtf-1.gif

So these are just ten of my favotie TV shows! Like i said i watch ALOT more including Merlin, Orphan Black Bones, Bitten, Salem, American Horror Story and SO many more! So if you enjoy any of these shows or watch a show you think i might enjoy let me know! Or if you are a fan of these shows LETS FANGIRL TOGETHER!!!


  1. I still haven't watched Supernatural. I feel like I'm not a proper fangirl.

    1. You really need to watch it! It's such an amazing show plus the fandom is hilarious!! :)

  2. I'm so happy to see Rein on your list! Not enough people watch that show. Thank goodness it got renewed for another year.

    1. I know! I was so happy to see it was renewed!! No your right not enough people do watch it, but they really should because it's incredible!!